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Premier Academy relies on the generous support of donors to advance our mission.

Ways To Give

We list several options below and encourage donors when planning a gift of great impact to discuss the most advantageous means of support with their legal and financial advisors

Cash Contributions

Unrestricted gifts of cash are the most popular and easiest way to support the mission of Premier Academy. Gifts may be made in a one-time contribution or monthly installments paid each month.

You may also mail a check made payable to “Premier Academy” to:

Premier Academy
399 Macedonia Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30354.

Matching Gifts

The impact of a contribution can be greatly increased by a matching employer gift. When considering a donation, consult with your employer, and if applicable, forward the completed matching gift form to the development office with your contribution.

Stocks and Securities

Gifts of stocks and securities benefit you and Premier Academy. This type of gift is tax-deductible and you may avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciated stock or security. If this may be an option for you, please consult with your own legal, tax, and estate planning professionals.

In-kind Gifts

There are sometimes opportunities to make an in-kind donation for a special project or need at Premier. Please contact our centers to discuss your in-kind gift. Regardless of how you give, and what you give to, Premier Academy is grateful for your support.

Make a Donation to Premier Academy

When you make a donation to Premier Academy, you help our mission to strengthen children and their families and You become their Champion!

One Time or Monthly Donation