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Kayla Robinson

For 50 years Premier Academy has ensured more than 25,000 children are prepared for success in kindergarten and beyond. It has been the goal of the organization to equip and empower children and their families with the tools and resources to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. For Kayla Robinson, a first year Pre-K3 teacher at the Minnie Howell Child Development Center, that dream was birthed as a small child and nurtured by loving, educator parents who enrolled Kayla in Premier Academy’s infant classes more than 20 years ago.

Kayla graduated in August 2021 with a degree in early childhood education from Kennesaw State University. She knew at a young age that she wanted to work with young children. Kayla says, “I like working with tiny humans. There are so many goals that children can reach. I want to build a foundation in children to help them grow and prepare for kindergarten.” After graduating this past summer, Kayla was recruited to apply her passion for children and education at Premier Academy. She credits her parents for instilling in her a love of teaching and impacting the educational outcomes of children. Kayla is excited to be an “official first year teacher with my own first classroom,” and she is hard at work to inspire the children in her classroom.

Kayla explains that she builds her classroom instruction and activities on five values: kindness, respect, bonding, trust, and safety. Children are indeed the world’s most precious jewels in her classroom. Kayla begins each day by greeting the children and their parents in the hallways with hugs and hi-fives. Starting each day with joy and love are important. Children are then off to a day filled with structure and responsibilities to best prepare them for the rigors of kindergarten. Throughout the day, Kayla reminds children to have listening ears, looking eyes, and to use gentle hands and kind words. These best practices are found in Premier Academy classrooms, and Kayla credits the professional development she receives in helping her establish a nurturing educational environment. Kayla also teaches children how to advocate for themselves. She says, “We work on healthy conflict resolution. I teach children to stick up for themselves.” These life skills are no doubt invaluable qualities that Kayla is nurturing in her students.

Kayla is grateful for her co-workers in the Pre-K team such as Ms. Allison, who have built her confidence. She realizes that teaching during the pandemic has been challenging, but she feels she has the tools and resources through professional development trainings and from the guidance of other staff to overcome these challenges. She says, “The pandemic has taught me to be more patient and find creative ways to teach. The mask makes it hard for children to see your mouth to learn words, but I figured it out.” She is learning new ways to help students grow and learn each day.

Ultimately, Kayla wants to teach globally to learn more about other cultures. It is this respect and curiosity for learning and appreciation for others that make Kayla an effective teacher at Premier Academy. Her goal is to open her own childcare center one day. The legacy of Premier Academy will be far-reaching as Kayla takes all the lessons she will amass as a teacher to build loving, respectful “tiny humans” into future leaders like herself.