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We’ve had an exciting year of learning at Premier Academy. During this 2016-17 school year, we increased our focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, & mathematics) and literacy instruction. The demonstration of our scholar’s preparation was shown at the 2017 year-end celebration which was held at Atlanta Technical College on May 15th.

The students did presentations & live demonstrations, which included: using punctuation to alter the meaning of a phrase; building with legos while sharing the skills being used; and, doing a shared reading of a book. There was standing room only in the Dennard Conference Center.

Parents & family members stood in awe of the children’s display of school readiness. We are elated of the children’s mastery of skills, because they will be a part of Georgia’s 2020 Vision to increase the reading readiness of students. Georgia’s 2020 Vision is an initiative focused on ensuring Georgia’s children are more proficient in reading by third grade, and in math by fifth grade. Our 106 students will be part of the third graders successful & proficient in reading in 2020. We are now preparing for a summer full of continued learning to reduce summer loss learning.