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After several months of planning, strategizing, and learning a new Quality Rated process, Premier Academy’s Minnie Howell location received their 3-star Quality Rated Status, the highest rating possible in the state of Georgia! This success is due in part to the dedication of the leadership but most importantly, it speaks to the high- quality instructional teams of Premier Academy. Through a series of coaching sessions, hands on-support and individualized assistance, the teachers used the Quality Rated standards to enhance their practices and used this time to really “show off” their skills. What’s even more noteworthy is that Minnie Howell scored at the top of the scale, earning themselves a perfect score! While COVID continues to bring about daily changes to how we operate, Quality Rated has not been excluded. A new virtual process was rolled out and the staff of Premier immediately rolled up their sleeves, dug into the work and embraced the technological changes, including the virtual, robotic observation. and cha The Renaissance location is currently renewing their 3-Star Quality Rated status and is on track to receive their final score by October, 2021. Premier anticipates that Renaissance will obtain their 3-star status, as well. COVID has brought about a lot of challenges and hardships but the Premier Academy team has embraced these times and have still found a way to excel and shine. Congratulations to the staff and administrative teams of Premier Academy. This rating shows Premier’s continued commitment to providing high-quality early care and education services. Premier Academy intends to continue to be a leader in the state of Georgia when it comes to exceptional childcare in the Metro Area.