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Premier Academy is excited to announce the groundbreaking launch of our first Montessori classroom on August 16 at our Renaissance Parkway CDC! Our Montessori class is the first of its kind in Georgia to provide free or low-cost Montessori education to children who might otherwise not be able to afford the high cost of the popular educational program. After a year of strategic planning, overwhelming support from generous donors and collaborative Montessori partners, and a rigorous training and credentialing process for teachers, our classroom opened with 15 students.

Montessori, characterized by multiage classrooms, hands-on learning materials, and extended period of independent work time, is known worldwide as a method of education that respects each student’s inner drive for learning, offering an experience that is both student-centered and highly structured. Research shows that Montessori children rate higher in academic achievement, social cognition, mastery orientation, and school enjoyment than their non-Montessori peers. The individualization, flexibility, autonomy, and strong relationships fostered by the Montessori approach are consistent with best practice for closing the achievement gap across the preschool years and ensuring all children at Premier Academy are prepared for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Premier Academy seeks to implement any proven, research-based strategies and best-practices that will help us meet this goal, and Montessori brings many changes to one of our classrooms. The classroom has been outfitted with new furniture, toys, books, and other learning tools that are well-aligned with the unique Montessori approach. Last year, teachers began a rigorous 18-month credentialing program through the highly accredited (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) and American Montessori Society (AMS) Montessori Teacher Education Institute of Atlanta (MTEI). They will also receive ongoing classroom-based coaching to maintain the highest standards of Montessori. Finally, parents of children in the new class will receive parent workshops and opportunities to engage in Play and Learn sessions.

We look forward to sharing the progress and growth of our Montessori efforts at Renaissance.