Executive Message

image001Children are the World’s Most Precious Jewels” Just like precious jewels, our children must be protected, cared for and treasured for life. For if we fail our children, there will be no future. That’s why the services that Premier Academy, Inc. has provided to the Greater Atlanta community for over 40 years have been so critical.  Our Teaching curriculum is built on research based principles and our teachers are certified in early childhood development with student activities that includes preschool education, after school and summer camp.

Our approach for the future with a re-defined vision places the jewels in our possession to excel and become successful assets. This vision in a simplistic version merely states that we will “prepare every child in our program to excel in school.” Our vision is supported by the following 5 (five) value statements:

  • Every child is treated equal.
  • Our decisions are based upon the best interest of our children.
  • Quality is the core of our program.
  • The needs of children take precedence in everything we do.
  • Meeting the needs of our families are critical captions in order to meet the needs of our children.

The staff in conjunction with the Board of Directors has a commitment to ensure that our children succeed physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. This kind of dedication and commitment has been our foundation for providing child care services in Atlanta, Georgia. We welcome you to visit our facilities if you have a precious jewel that needs to be protected, cared for or treasured. And for others that want to join forces with a catalyst that is changing and shaping precious jewels, our doors are always open to you to volunteer for a moment, a season or a lifetime.

Yours truly on behalf of the jewels of the universe………
Cindra Taylor
Executive Director
Premier Academy, Inc.